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Essential Oils & Headaches

Suggested Essential Oils Basil (Sweet) Clary Sage  Coriander  Eucalyptus dives Frankincense  Helichrysum Juniper Lauren Leaf Lavender  Mastic Myrtle Neroli Niaouli ct 1,8 cineole Palo Santo Peppermint  Ravintsara  Sage (Spanish) Saro Spearmint Yarrow 3 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Headaches INHALATION 1.  Essential Oil Inhaler Choose 1 or 2 essential oils from the list above…


DIY Lemon Household Cleaner

What You’ll Need 32-oz spray bottle Label Lemon essential oil Permanent marker Water White distilled vinegar Place 1 – 2 cups of white distilled vinegar into a 32-oz spray bottle. Then add 20 – 25 drops of Lemon essential oil and fill the bottle up with water.  Create a label for the cleaner, listing the…


Healthy, Easy Green Pesto

Greens are in abundance now. In past summers, I purchased too many greens and ultimately they went to waste. This summer I’ve gotten in to the habit of creating large batches of pesto that I freeze right away. Here’s a healthy, easy way to enjoy your greens… What You Need: Any greens: Spinach, Swiss chard,…


Essential Oil Blending Workshops

During these fun and hands-on workshops, I will teach you how to blend essential oils safely for use with infants, children, during pregnancy and for acute situations, infection and pain. Outline – Essential Oil Blending Workshop I. What are essential oils  II. What are carrier oils III. Essential oil history IV. How do essential oils…