Wipe Out

Just recently, I was on an early morning power walk in my home town where the temperature was bitter cold and ice was every where you looked so I took extra care with my steps.

But on the home stretch I just missed patch of ice and wiped out. I hit so hard I couldn’t tell if I broke anything or lost a finger. Everyone driving by noticed me (ugh) and stopped their cars, got out and came to my rescue. This was totally unexpected and very much appreciated.

On the way down, I pulled my a muscle in my back, sprained my forefinger and bruised my knee.

Ten years ago, I might have pulled out the ibuprofen and a couple muscle relaxants but since I converted my medicine cabinet my ibuprofen and muscle relaxants are in the form of Essential Oils!

Back at home, my friend massaged a blend of Lavender (helps inflammation, relax muscle), Frankincense (helps inflammation, calming to me), Lemongrass (reduces pain) and Helichrysum (reduces pain and brusing) on my back. I often use my Face and Body Butter as a carrier to mix the oils with.

I placed a few drops of Peppermint (reduces pain and inflammation) and Lavender on my finger to help with the pain and inflammation. I also kept a bag of frozen blueberries on it for 10 minutes each hour.

And I massaged a few drops of Lavender and Helichrysum on my knee to reduce the swelling and bruising.

Pure Essential Oils really do offer amazing relief and healing for pulled muscles, sprains and bumps. Give it a try next time you wipe out: try reaching for your Essential Oils instead of the Ibuprofen.

PS) Using Aspirin & Ibuprofen can Increase Your Breast Cancer Risk by 50%, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, June 1, 2005

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