Behind the Label: Windex

Here are the three ingredients found in Windex and their affects on our health and environment.

#1: Isopropanol

#2: 2-Butoxy ethanol – Same chemical found in Simple “Green”
More information on this chemical:
· Development Effects
· Toxic Air Contaminant
· Testicular Damage
· Reduced Fertility
· Embryo Death
· Birth Defects
· Headaches
· Respiratory Irritant
· Toxic to Blood Cells
· Severe Kidney & Liver Damage
· Bone Marrow Damage
· Red Blood cell Damage
· Personality Changes
· Dizziness / Nausea
· Depression
· Anemia

#3: Ethylene glycol n-hexyl ether

To clean windows without making yourself, your family and pets ill and without killing the frogs in your local stream, blend one cup of white distilled vinegar with distilled water in a 32 oz. spray bottle. Spray safely on glass, countertops and toilet seats. Use cotton cloths instead of paper towel.

Since the EPA does not require manufacturers of household chemicals to list their ingredients on the package label, you can use this website to learn what’s actually in the household chemicals found in your home.

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  1. dear jane, Thank you! I am doing a science fair project and trying to prove:
    1. that windex is bad for enviorment
    2. that natural cleaners are better than chemical mixes.
    Your website is VERY helpful to me! thanks again, riley

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