Peppermint for Pain

On June 25, I woke up with a back frozen in forward position and excruciating pain in my lower back, hips and shooting pain down to my knees.

Getting ready for work, I grabbed my “oils” and blended drops of Peppermint, Roman Chamomile (anti-spasmodic), Clove (pain relieving), Wintergreen (pain relieving) and Lavender (pain relieving and anti-inflammatory) in to a salve and massaged it all over my lower back, hips and front of my legs down to my knees.

The Peppermint is not only cooling but has pain-relieving properties. Over the following two weeks I received regular chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, deep tissue and thai massage and feeling much better today. I am happy to say, too, that I didn’t miss a day of work or use any meds 🙂

I certainly thought of those who suffer from pain every day. How do they think clearly, make deicisions under the unfluence of heavy meds? This situation certainly reminded me of how grateful I am for the many blessings I have received from my collection of natural essential oils.

Besides Peppermint, there are many essential oils that have known pain-relieving properties. You may want to include one or two of them in your medicine cabinet.

* Clove (contraindicated with blood thinning medications)
* Frankincense
* Helichrysum (contraindicated with blood thinning medications)
* Lavender
* Lemongrass
* Peppermint
* Wintergreen (contraindicated with blood thinning medications)

PS) The Ortho Sport from Young Living is a fantastic pre-made, high-powered massage oil. You can add essential oils (use guidelines below) to this product if needed.

In the case of pain, use 15 drops Total of essential oils for every ounce of carrier oil (jojoba, olive, grapeseed, sesame, sweet almond).

I’d love to hear how essential oils have helped any pain (great or small) that you have had.

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