Got Alleriges?

Does thought of spring stress you out because all you do is blow your nose, itch your eyes and sneeze?

Did you know that the human body has systems in place to actually handle allergans?

Allergies may be a sign of a weak immune system and can be thought of as our body’s way of saying, “I’m overloaded, please stop!” Here are some ideas to reduce your overload, build a stronger immune system and manage symptoms naturally.

Diffuse essential oils that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, inhibit dander, dust mites and mold:

  • Clove (anti-histamine, anti-viral, immune stimulant)
  • Ginger (rhinovirus)
  • Lavender (anti-histamine)
  • Lemon (immune stimulant)
  • Peppermint (decongestant, anti-itch)
  • RC essential oil blend
  • Roman or German Chamomile (anti-histamine)
  • Thieves essential oil blend
  • Thyme vulgaris ct thymol (decongestant, anti-viral)

Essential Oil Lotion:
Blend 1 oz Unscented Aromalotion with 5 Total drops of essential oil. Massage well on chest, back and feet as needed. Avoid direct eye contact. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Essential Oil Inhaler:
ace 15 Total drops of your choice of essential oil on blank cotton inhaler.


  • Acupuncture: In a study, weekly acupuncture sessions showed promise as a treatment for relieving the symptoms of seasonal allergies
  • Instead of Coffee, Pop and Diet Soda, try Nettle tea
  • Avoid or Reduce Dairy
  • Try Raw Agave, local, raw Honey, pure Maple Syrup, Pure Cane Sugar
  • Certified Organic Wine (sulfite-free)
  • In baking, try Brown Rice, Millet or Almond flour
  • Read up on the health impacts of Artificial Sweeteners, i.e., Splenda, Aspartame, Sweet n Low
  • Avoid foods and personal care products with with artificial colors and dyes
  • Bee pollen (strengthens the immune system; purchase from local honey producer; discontinue if causes allergic reaction)
  • Eliminate Air Fresheners, sprays and plug-ins, Perfumes, Colognes, Fragrant Candles
  • Homepathic remedies for Allergies (Boiron is one brand found in some grocery stores and most health food stores)
  • Drink clean water intake (use PUR water filter)

  • Increase consumption of organic fruits, especially berries (they are amazing anti-oxidants!)
  • Receive Massage, Do Relaxation techniques, Meditate, Take Yoga
  • Purchase Plants that remove pollutants: Areca and Bamboo Palm, Boston fern, English ivy, Ficus, Peace lily, Rubber and Spider plant
  • Purchase an air filter, which filters pollen, mold spores, dust
  • Eliminate toxic, commercial, name-brand household cleaners, detergents and dryer sheets, e.g., Windex, Tilex, Tide, Clorox, Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles, Ajax, etc.
  • Use Baking Soda, White Distilled Vinegar, Borax, Thieves Household Cleaner Seventh Generation products
  • Stop smoking


  • Acidophilus, Life 5 Item #3099 from Young Living (powerful immune enhancer with digestive enzymes for improved digestion)
  • Allerzyme Item #3288 from Young Living
  • Calcium and magnesium, Super Cal Item #3244 from Young Living (needed to help reduce stress, use calcium chelate form)
  • MSM, Sulfurzyme Item #3243 from Young Living (strengthens the immune system, has anti-allergic properties equal to or better than those of antihistamines)
  • Super B Item #3240 from Young Living (proper digestion, nerve function, helps relieve wheezing and attacks)
  • Quercetin (potent flavanoid found in apples, berries, grapefruit, onions, cabbage, tea, red wine) with Bromelain (found in pineapple) capsule
  • Vitamin C: protects the body from allergens and moderates the inflammatory response

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