Avoca to Cambodia

Dear Friends:
Please take the time to read how an old college friend, Drew, is improving the quality of lives thousands of miles away! If you are able to offer support in any way, please do. Thank you, Amy

I made the local paper near my home town in Upstate NY (Avoca); http://www.eveningtribune.com/homepage/x596316546 I am happy to get some notoriety, and hope it will result in some good things for our schools.

We’re hoping that some of you can spread the Christmas/holiday good will to our students here, and have created a web page to allow people to give gifts in the form of donations to our schools; http://www.changingthepresent.org/nonprofits/show/36960

We share the webpage with the other projects of Village Earth, and gifts #2-5 are all for Cambodia (they are clearly marked). All the money goes to Village Earth, which they pass along to spend on our schools.

The recipient receives a card in the form of an email explaining the gift and how it will be used. This can be a great gift for children in your family, and a way to teach kids about what they have to be grateful for. Good for adults too!*

If you have any input, ideas, questions or suggestions on how to get this to people or ways to help, please let me know. We could use the support!

I hope you are well,


* melamine free, gluten free, sweatshop free, non-partisan, low fat, and guaranteed to make me smile (and do a lot of good for our students)!

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