Aromatherapy Level II Update

I just returned from sunny Sarasota where I studied Level II Aromatherapy.

During this first session of five days, we reviewed essential oil chemical families, their molecular structures and also studied the individual essential oil components in detail. It is amazing to see and re-learn their extremely healing properties!

Here is a list of some components found in essential oils and their therapeutic properties.

d-limonene: anti-tumoral, offers liver support, anti-oxidant, reduced need for anti-biotics during treatment of chronic bronchitis.

o Elemi
o Grapefruit
o Orange
o Palo Santo

b-caryophellene: anti-inflammatory and anti-tumoral, may reduce anxiety and cravings for cigarettes, also considered anti-histamine

Balsam Copaiba
o Black Pepper

a, b-Pinene: anti-spasmodic for the respiratory system, supports the immune system, anti-bacterial

o Cypress
o Juniper
o Myrtle

linalol: long-term immune support, highly anti-bacterial, reduces anxiety

o Coriander
o Lavender
o Neroli
o Rosewood

You can create your own Essential Oil blend using the essential oils above-mentioned.

For every ounce of carrier oil*, add 5 drops total of essential oil. Keep this blend out of reach of children and stored away from heat and light.

* Carrier Oils: jojoba, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil

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  1. Sounds like this was a very useful class and that you learned lots – good info on the components of essential oils. Thanks for sharing!

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