Are Air “Fresheners” Bad for your Health?

Finally, research is catching up to what I’ve been reading for years – air fresheners are deadly!

Dr. Weil delivers the news in an article that appeared on MSN Health from Prevention

Toxic Effects of Air Freshener Emissions

Electric Air Fresheners Can Cause Cancer

Air Fresheners May Damage Your Lungs

Air Freshener Hazards

Many Cleaners, Air Fresheners May Pose Health Risks When Used Indoors
When used indoors under certain conditions, many common household cleaners and air fresheners emit toxic pollutants at levels that may lead to health risks, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. from Science Daily

How “Fresh” Is Air Freshener?,8599,1664954,00.html?cnn=yes

Household cleaners and air fresheners emit toxic pollutants

How to Truly Freshen a Room without Toxic Chemicals

  • Open the windows
  • Diffuse Essential Oils blends from Young Living: Purification, Christmas Spirit & Thieves
  • Light a match after a poo
  • Simmer a blend of spices (Clove, Allspice, Cinnamon) on the stove
  • Bouquet of fresh flowers
  • Buy Plants that clean the air: Chineese Evergreen, Peace-lilly, Arrowhead vine, Engligh ivy, Cornplant, Devil’s ivy
  • Clean with baking soda and white vinegar
  • Place a bowl of ground coffee in stinky space up to 3 days; the ground coffee will absorb the odors