T e s t i m o n i a l s

I was seeking a natural remedy for
ringworm that had developed on my hand.  Amy Jane helped me choose some
essential oils to combine with jojoba lotion.  Although I wasn’t sure
what to expect, I was delighted by the results!  The ringworm was
completely gone within a week.  It started to reappear a bit, so I kept
applying the lotion for a few weeks.  My hand has been ringworm free for
2 months!  
Due to my success, I decided to bring my children.  My 14
year old daughter had a Plantar’s wart on her foot for two years.  We
tried the route of freezing at her primary Dr.’s office, but it was a
persistent wart and wouldn’t go away.  After her visit to Amy Jane and
her dedication
to applying the essential oils, her wart was completely gone within 2
weeks.  She is so excited to go to camp and the beach wart free this
Finally, my 7 year old son was having difficulties with fear and
waking up in the middle of the night 5 nights out of 7.  Amy Jane helped
him develop a spray that he uses each night.  He sprays 3 times around
his head and 3 times on his pillow.  He has not awoken even once since
April 13th!  
We have been thrilled with our success with Amy Jane and
essential oils.  We will continue to keep Amy Jane in mind as we seek
natural alternatives to the various issues that arise for each of us. 
Thank you Amy Jane, we will certainly be back! 
Bridget from Rochester, NY
I feel as though a miracle has occurred in my home. We built our house 27 years ago and have had carpenter ants since the first spring. Exterminators, terrible chemicals, lots of money and yet the ants returned. I have hated spring. This year, you suggested mixing essential oils of peppermint and tea tree oils in water. It smells so good. No chemicals to worry about and I have not seen a single ant.
Thank you so much.
Joanne from Rochester, NY

For those of you who have not tried this product (Rainbows in a Bottle).. do yourself, your body or your clients a favor and get it now! This stuff is really a MIRACLE in a bottle!
Ty from Webster, NY
Amy, I really like it (personalized Essential Oil blend). I woke up with a stiff neck yesterday. I put some lotion on it and was impressed with how much it helped. Thank you so much.
Tina from Hilton, NY
Amy Jane calls it her Face and Body Butter, but I call it magic! Love you Organica Jane!
Ally from Kings Ferry, NY
I forgot how nice the (Face and Body) butter feels. I LOVE IT. My skins looks great and feels great. Thank you so much for the (Face and Body) butter.
Karen from Clifton Springs, NY
Thanks Amy! I’m enjoying the epsom salt soaks very much, and love the (Essential Oil blend) lotion. Everything seems to be coming along. Thanks again!
Tamra from Watkins Glen, NY
Hi Amy – I cannot stop thinking about last night (Essential Oils & Cancer Care)…you do a wonderful, intelligent presentation…and also listen so intently to each person. Many thanks,
Jennifer from Canandaigua, NY 

Rainbows in a Bottle” I love this stuff!!!
Ty from Webster, NY 

Hi Amy, I LOVE the lotion (Essential Oil Blend) you made up for me. My shoulder is so much better. I slept all the way through the night last night…no sleeping pills, no muscle relaxers, no pain meds!!!
Sue from Hilton, NY 

Our family is doing great with these (Thieves Household) cleaners. I learned so much from you. We love you Amy. Keep up the good work.
Lisa from Livonia, NY
I love Organica Jane’s (Amy’s) products. I recently purchased an inhaler and scrub and they are terrific. Now I wish I had the fabulous hand scrub (Natural Hand Remedy) and cream (Face and Body Butter) she makes…next time.
Maryrose from Ithaca, NY 

LOVED your (Home Green Home Happy Hour) class last night. I did my first load of laundry with Borax this morning and my bathroom is shining with Thieves.
Beth from Henrietta, NY 

Organica Jane’s Face and Body Butter is a fantastic skin protection for the winter weather. I use it on my face before heading out for a run in these frigid temps. It works like a charm. Thanks Amy!
Laura from Victor, NY 

I am an RN, as well as acupuncturist…Rainbow in a Bottle is wonderful for chronic pain..I have a jar at work, home and car! Say Boo-to-the-Flu is also wonderful.
Patricia from Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Amy,Thank you so much for helping my husband out for my mom’s gift. It is perfect for her and just what I was thinking. He was very impressed with your salt scrub (Natural Hand Remedy) and has been talking it up to everyone. Thanks again.
Lauren from Rochester, NY
Keep shining your beautiful spirit and enhancing people’s lives. 
Sara from Farmington, NY

Thought you’d like to know that my kids reach for your products for any ailments now. Molly loves her feet massaged with that awesome sinus/peppermint blend at night. Patrick loves Face and Body Butter rubbed on his feet.
Gretchen from Cranford, New Jersey
Yes! It’s (Face and Body Butter) wonderful. It does do a great job removing makeup and my face and lips love it too! It helped even out my skin tone. People have noticed and complimented me. Thank you face and body butter!Debbie from Canandaigua, NY

Just slathered on the Face and “body butter” before bed. Love it I need to order more. My wintery skin craves moisture;)
Mandy from Victor, NY

I have made a ton of changes in our house, and we all feel great about it. I got rid of all cleaning products and laundry detergent and now only have my homemade mixes with vinegar, Thieves (household cleaner), Borax, and baking soda. My husband went from chronically itching to no itching at all! It is amazing!  My kids love the peppermint mix (Say Boo to the Flu) on their backs and feet for congestion. This has been a great change.  I am going to make all of my own hand soaps next so I can get rid of my Dial pumps. It is actually very fun!  Thank you so much for the incredible information and for helping to make our home a safer one! 

Tara from Brighton, NY

I love the Face and Body Butter, and slather myself up before my long runs. The scrub (Natural Hand Remedy) smells luscious and I use it after my swim workouts. Best,
Beth from Rochester, NY

Hi Amy, I love this stuff (Rainbows in a Bottle), brought it to Wisconsin and my friend tried it, now she’s a fan too. Thanks again.Christina from Fairport, NY

I was at the Green Living Seminar (Home Green Home) in Rochester. I’ve changed all my cleaners and used them this weekend, they worked great and my hubby is on board, too. Thanks for such an informational session!
Jenna from Rochester, NY

I had severe sinusitis this weekend – used my RC (essential oil blend), along with healthy happy lung (essential oil personalized blend) from Organica Jane), applying about every 3 hours and started on Wednesday and sinus infection almost gone and no antibiotics.  Organica Jane products do work, and I would recommend highly. Also, if you haven’t gotten the homemade remedy for dried cracked feet and hands (Natural Hand Remedy)… it’s a must for you especially with the winter. Thanks Organica Jane.
Lynne from Canandaigua, NY

I pulled my back out last week, and was traveling. I happened to have “Rainbows in a Bottle.” I decided to have that a try since it worked on my hand, and I wouldn’t be near my chiropractor until Monday. Guess what, no chiro!!! It helped me tremendously. I’m a fan!!!
Christine from Fairport, NY

Just want you to know that I no longer use cough syrup for my daughter. I use raw honey (a teaspoon full for a bad cough) and it works like a charm.  Thanks so much for all your loving guidance. I really do feel like my family is healthier and happier because of your influence.
Janet from Baldwinsville, NY

My friend absolutely LOVED the cream (Essential Oil blend, which you created) for her son with neuroblastoma.Amy from Pittsford, NY

Thanks Amy! Joe loves the butter (Face and Body Butter)!
Tamarie from Canandaigua, NY

Dear Amy Jane:  Thank you so much for the Rainbows in a Bottle, which I received via my daughter. I am thinking it is helping with the pain of my hip, bursitis and the aroma is outstanding! Thanks again,
Pat from Oneonta, NY 

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Sincerely, Bonnie from Newport Beach, CA 

My 8-year old daughter, recently had a wart growing out of her index finger, right under the fingernail. Because of where it was located, it kept breaking open, and I was worried about putting any medicine on it, concerned that it would sting and/or burn. I consulted Amy Jane to see if she knew of any natural ways to remove a wart. She made me a blend of essential oils and told me to put a drop of it on a band-aid and cover the wart. I did this for 4 days, and the wart is completely gone!! No stinging, no burning!! Thank you Amy Jane!!!!
Krista from Corning, NY

You know I love everything you do! I absolutely love Say Boo to the Flu. I use it on both of my children when they are sick.
Amy has such a comfortable, yet confident way about her and she has been a pleasure to work with. She has wonderful advice and has helped my family reduce the amount of chemical toxins in our house tremendously and has helped us move to a much safer way to clean.
The best part is that everything she has recommended, actually works!
The oil blends she makes are exceptional as well – they smell wonderful and make you feel so much better. Amy has a way of blending to meet your individual needs and she really puts thought into everything she does.
– Amy from Pittsford, NYAugust 5, 2010

Thanks Amy for a great (Home Green Home) workshop and your support.
Pat from Tarpon Springs, Florida

I feel that you have opened my eyes to so much. And, I am interested in buying more of your sea salt scrub (Natural Hand Remedy). I loved it.

Joanne from Penfield, NY

Thanks Amy, there is no sign of that lump on the back of my leg now. I started to use a drop or two (of the Essential Oil blend you made for me) on the one on my arm and it, too, is disappearing.
Lynne from Pennsylvania

The essential oil blend from our consultation is providing a soothing relief of tension in my jaw area. I feel a heat wave there occasionally, but it calms down soon after as if a layer of tension was lifted, it feels lighter with no pain.
After applying the blend over my heart area for several weeks, I have noticed a decrease in emotional waves of loss and grief and when they do come it’s less intense, and strength and balance return very quickly. Thank you Amy Jane for my amazing Essential Oil Blend.
Susan from Trumansburg, NY
Oh Amy … Thank You!!! The Best party (Home Green Home workshop) I have ever been too!!! Learned a lot and changed the way I clean. I use to clean houses and hated using all those chemicals to clean. I have been following your recipes and found they WORK SO MUCH BETTER! I also noticed I dust less….LOL
Lisa from Rochester, NY

I just wanted to let you know how I have been using (Essential) oils to speed up the healing process post-surgery/biopsy. First of all, the nurse had trouble with my IV and told me I would have a large bruise on my hand where she attempted to insert the needle. It was swelling in the hospital. As soon as I got home, I applied Lavender (essential oil) and continue to at least twice a day, and I have not had a bruise at all!

Secondly, I have been applying Lavender, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) and Cypress to the area on my breast that has been swollen due to the surgery. I use jojoba and about 3 – 4 drops of each essential oil and apply morning and night. I am noticing a significant decrease in swelling and bruising in the area and feel so much better.
Laura from Victor, NY

Hello! I met you at the Holistic Moms meeting this month – you helped me create an (essential oil blend) lotion for my son’s tummy problems. i wanted to let you know that his tummy is doing much better and i have incorporated lavender & jojoba into his nightly routine and his eczema has gotten so much better as well. thank you so much!
Dalia from Hilton, NY

The Thieves (household cleaner concentrate) worked GREAT in my HE machine. I had some wet towels and washcloths that didn’t get washed right away and smelled a bit musty even after washing. Since Thieves is so good with molds, I thought it might be a good application to get the musty smell out of the towels. It did the trick!

We’ve been using the vinegar/water/Citrus Fresh (essential oil blend) on our wood floors and it’s doing a super job of getting all the build up off the floors. We’re finally getting through all the shmeary stuff and they look so good. Thanks!
Mary from Fort Collins, COMay 18, 2010

Thank you for sending my friend her Face and Body Butter. She really likes it, she has never been able to find anything to help her with her face problem till I introduced her to your products.
Mary from Seneca Falls, NY

Wonderfully informative meeting! Thanks,
Gabrielle, Rochester, NYI continue to try and incorporate Essential Oils into every day, and I think of you every time I use them. My daughter is obsessed with Valor. She is now requesting that I rub her feet and legs with it (diluted with about 3 to 4 drops of jojoba) every night before she goes to bed. I truly believe that it helps her sleep more deeply and soundly. Also, I will never be without Lemon essential oil ever again. It is a wonder and it removes just about any sticky substance from any surface without leaving a mark. Just 5 – -6 drops on a cotton ball does the trick. It even got Liquid Nails off of our bathroom cabinet and is great for removing the stick residue left behind by stickers that manufacturers put on mirrors, windows, shower doors, etc.
Janet from Baldwinsville, NY
We love our scrubs and lotion. You have inspired me again!!
Denise from Newark, NY
Loving my Thieves!!! and the cream (Face and Body Butter) is doing wonders for my wrinkles! 🙂
Jill from Victor, NY

Thank you so much for letting me try the Thieves Household Cleaner. It is fabulous for me because it is non-toxic, and it doesn’t bother my allergies. The (essential) oils give it a wonderful scent but not like a perfume odor which always gets me coughing and wheezing. I do prefer natural products that will not harm humans, pets, and the earth! I have used it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry area and it even took out a stubborn spot on my carpet! It is great and thanks again for letting me try it!!
Sue from Farmington, NY

I really enjoyed learning about all your information (Home Green Home).

Thank you for all the work that you have put into helping our homes and the earth. We are lucky to have you.
Joanne from Rochester, NY

I just got the new Deep Relief Roll-on. It’s AWESOME. I used it Saturday night before bed to sooth my “headache” But seriously, it’s awesome, I never use asperin anymore!
Julie from San Diego, CA
I need a refill on my (Essential Oil) blend I made. I have so many compliments on my vanilla blend!! I need more!!
Kristin from Canandaigua, NY

Thanks for opening up a whole new world in my life with your blend of essential oil the your blended for me when I met you at the sports experience event for Gilda’s club. Peace,
Cheryl from Rochester, NY
April 6, 2010Thanks for your excellent (Home Green Home) presentation! I admire your commitment to helping others.
Sharon from Honeoye Falls, NY
April 5, 2010
Hi Amy! I am having great luck with Thieves essential oil blend. I love it. I am so glad you came in and had a workshop. I learned a lot. Getting rid of the mold is good but having the M-grain work on the migraines (for 80% of them) is even better!! and I love the smell of it. Thanks and keep up the great work!
Karen from Rochester, NY
April 2, 2010Did my long run today and ended up with blisters. Bought my Face & Body Butter and my little bottle of lav (Lavender) oil, put it on and feet are not burning anymore!
Gretchen from New Jersey
April 1, 2010

Hi Amy Jane: I really like the lotion (Essential Oil blend) you made for me. I have seen some benefits. It’s time to order another jar.Lori from Pittsford, NY
March 30, 2010It was great to see you, and I LOVE my (Essential Oil) blend. I feel like it has helped me already. Thanks for being such a positive force Amy!
Alison from Geneseo, NY
March 30, 2010This stuff (Face and Body Butter) is gold!!!!!!!!! I need more Amy!!!
Tricia from Canandaigua, NY

March 28, 2010So I just put Rainbow in a Bottle on my daughter’s feet and back. She says she feels better – this is amazing!
Gretchen from New York City
March 28, 2010
In February, I broke my shoulder in a bad skiing accident. The pain has been excruciating and there have been problems associated with muscle spasms in my neck, shoulder and back. Drs. have been able to do nothing to alleviate the situation.

A friend suggested your “Rainbow in a Bottle” salve. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Within 10 minutes of application, the cramping and pain immediately began to subside, and the swelling reduced significantly. When I get up in the morning after an evening application, I no longer have severe cramping, and the mobility in my shoulder is returning. Your formula (Rainbow in a Bottle) has done something doctors could not, and thanks to you, I am back on the road to recovery and able to tolerate the pain, which has subsided significantly. Since using your salve, my rate of healing has tripled and I am able to get through the day without focusing on the constant pain.

I am so thankful for “Rainbow in a Bottle” and have already recommended it to a few friends. I plan to order more shortly for a number of applications. Bless you,
Glenn from Rochester, NY

March 24, 2010
I LOVE them (Thieves household cleaner concentrate).
Joelle from Honeoye Falls, NY

March 24, 2010Last week, I faithfully put on Panaway and knees felt much better.
Gretchen from New Jersey
March 20, 2010
Have been using the (Essential) oils daily since the first of the year – and have been healthy and well ever since.
Ginny from Naples, NYMarch 16, 2010Hi Amy Jane, I’ve been using my Essential Oil blend everyday and it smells so good! I’ve been using it mostly on my legs and feet. It tingles a little and feels good. Thanks for asking!
Tiffany from Rochester, NY

March 10, 2010
Thanks for your lecture (Home Green Home) on Sunday! I have been using some of the cleaning formulas you provided on your sheet and wanted to tell you they work great! What appeals to me about this stuff is that just simple chemistry with ingredients that are found the Table of Elements making our homes clean. It has been under my nose for years; thanks for helping me put them together!
Betsy from Rochester, NY

March 4, 2010
Thanks so much Amy…my life has soooooooo changed..no chemicals in site, wonderful potions and lotions, reduction in asthma meds. I feel better than I have in ages!! Thank you so much for helping people like me appreciate essential oils and healthy living!

Linda from Rochester, NY

March 1, 2010
Thank you so much. Dan and I enjoyed your class a lot. I love my (Essential Oil blend) lotion.
Birgith from NY

February 28, 2010I love my (Essential Oil) blends!! The pain (Essential Oil) blend is awesome!!! Love it and it works!!! Thanks so much!!!
Kristin from Canandaigua, NY
February 28, 2010I loved your class on Friday night; we can always learn something new every time we see you.Odette from Fabius, NY
My neighbor who is a vet tech suggested I bring my dog in for an appt. because she thought my dogs ears smelled “yeasty” and my dog would not stop shaking her head. It was a weekend, no immediate appointments, so I decided to try spraying some Thieves spray on a cotton ball and cleaning her ears with it, then followed that with some “Animal Scents Ointment” on another cotton ball, smearing the inside of her ear with a light film of Animal Sense. She stopped shaking her head in about 15 minutes, without a vet appt or medicine. I have used this technique on her a number of times with great success. (I also stopped allowing my other dog to lick this dogs ears, I don’t want any moisture in her ears).
Odette from Fabius, NY
Small cyst between dogs toes causing him to lick the cyst uncontrollably: I put a drop of tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) on a cotton ball and held it on the cyst briefly, 2x a day for a few days and it went away, I guess it went away, at least he stopped licking his toes.
Odette from Fabius, NY
I found online a recipe for cleaning a dog kennel floor, the article said it would kill parvo, I know it smells great and is much less toxic than the Clorox they wanted me to use. I fill the rolling mop bucket half full with hot water from the tap, I add 1 and 1/2 cups of white vinegar and the same amount of 7% hydrogen peroxide, then add 5 drops of lemon eo and 5 drops of lavender eo to the water. I clean the floor as usual and let it mostly dry before letting the dogs walk on it.
Odette from Fabius, NY
My husband woke up with a low temp one morning, right before I was scheduled to leave for a trip (non refundable tickets) and I started with a raspy throat at the same time. I used small amount Rainbows in a Bottle on his feet and back for 2 days, 2 x a day, he was better, never really got sick. He teaches college and the 30% of his class had been out with the flu. My “raspy” throat is always an indicator that I’m coming down with a cold,… I used thin coats of Rainbows on my throat and sinuses 2-3 times a day for a several days. I never got the cold but I had the “raspy” throat for awhile. This one of the few times I’ve been able to stop a cold i it’s tracks, Thanks Rainbows in a Bottle!Odette from Fabius, NY

February 28, 2010
I had a fungus on the nail of the ring finger of my right hand. My doctor gave me a prescription for Lamisil but I told her I’d like to try essential oils first. I began to apply 1 drop of Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) 1 drop of Lavender to a Band-Aid and put it on my nail every night at bedtime. I would also do this throughout the day when I had a break from doing dishes and such. It took about eight weeks for my nail to return to normal — I never had to fill the prescription.
Anne from Ionia, NYFebruary 26, 2010
You did a great job (Home Green Home) – informative. super receptive audience too. Your handouts are great too.Bryn from Rochester, NY

February 23, 2010Hi Amy, Both of my girls have had a cold for the past week so I have been rubbing them both with the (Essential Oil) blend (you formulated) at bedtime. They really seem to like the attention of getting it done and it seems to really relieve their congestion through the night. Thank you!Fiona from Honeoye Falls, NY
February 19, 2010 I pulled out that little sample of Say Boo to the Flu I got from the retreat yoga session, because I’m all congested today. I used it on my neck and wrists and it smells so wonderful and is working great to clear up my sinuses. I looked you up because I was thinking of you and grateful that you had given me some of that wonderful stuff!! 🙂
Amy from Bloomfield, NY
February 6, 2010
Hi Amy – I just ran out of the Face and Body Butter…I have been using it on my hands since I met you in Waterloo in December and it is awesome!! I have been telling my friends about it too! I will be purchasing another jar on Monday if you have some! Thanks,
Sharon from Lima, NY
January 31, 2010
Thank you for making, creating the Face and Body Butter – it’s such a great product!Wendy from Colorado
January 28, 2010Amy, Thanks so much for all of the fun and education on Tuesday evening. I learned a lot and had so much fun. I really liked your calm and patient energy and your supportive feedback on our blends. I have enjoyed my “Sacred Space” blend for my bath.Alison from Rochester, NY
January 27, 2010Thank you for offering the class, we both had a great time!
Michelle from Stanley, NY

January 27, 2010Amy Jane, Thanks for a great class last night. As always, when you begin to speak your knowledge and passion, I do not want you to stop. It is inspiring and so informative, and I love the “news you can use format” that allows us to think of more ways to incorporate oils into our day. Thanks Amy Jane!Gail from Rochester, NY
January 6, 2010As for the “Say Boo To The Flu“, you have won us over! When I first bought this from you at the Geneva Farmers Market, my 16 year old daughter had the common cold. I suggested she rub it on her chest and neck and she did, with a bit of reservation… but now she asks for it by name! She knows it works and she (and me, too!) would much rather use the natural essential oils versus popping pills that show slim-to-no results. Every time I talk with you, I learn more fascinating tidbits that really make a pleasant day-to-day difference.
Mary Kay from Canandaigua, NYDecember 30, 2009
I’m the one you gave the Lavender to for my mom. We’ve been doing her feet up with some massage & she loves it. Thanks again so much.Jennifer from Rochester, NY
December 30, 2009
Hello, Purification by 3 drops on a band-aid on my toenail fungus is working great!!! I can see definite results already.
Jeremy from Geneva, NYDecember 17, 2009Amy, I LOVE the Face and Body butter!!! My ankles feel the best they have since summer!!! Thanks SO MUCH! I have been using it for the past week and i LOVE IT!!!!
Tricia from Canandaigua, NY
December 3, 2009Wow! Thanks a lot. I love your Face and Body Butter. It has helped with my terrible dry skin on my hands…….love it!! Thanks a lot.Penny from Williamson, NY
December 2, 2009
Thank you again for all of the important information that you shared with us about essential oils. Plus, it was great fun! I appreciate all that you do to get the information out to us.Sandy from Colorado
November 30, 2009I bought Face and Body Butter from your booth at the Clifton Spring’s Farmers Market this summer. I love the product, it has helped calm my rosacea and oily skin problems. Thanks!Eileen from Clifton Springs, NY
November 15, 2009Boo! I got it good, swore to god I was gonna die. Feeling tons better already, not 100%, but better than expected. My husband says “You realize your getting off easy, it usually lasts several days”! To which I replied, “It’s the oils!Tamela from Canandaigua, NY
November 30, 2009Thank you so much for your presentation. Many members of the group found it very informative. I am enjoying my Christmas Spirit Spray, and I am planning on changing many of the things that I use. Thanks again for your time and expertise. I hope that our paths cross again.
Amy, Parkinson’s Support Group of Rochester
November 25, 2009Thanks again for the very informative Home Green Home class. My husband and I are going to incorporate chages immediately.Mary Anne from Fort Collins, CO
November 23, 2009
Thank you so much for coming out and all of your effort putting the workshops together – they were awesome and very informative! You’ve done a great job with your research and I am confident that you will do very well with your new business venture!!!Wendy from Fort Collins, CO
November 23, 2009

Hi Amy!
Thanks again for such an inspiring and educational weekend!Mary from Fort Collins, CO

November 19, 2009

Hi Amy,I tried the M-grain essential oil blend yesterday when I had a headache it seemed to work OK but not totally. But on the up side normally I have to take Imitrex but yesterday I only took two Excedrin and used the oil. Thanks
Karen from Rochester, NYNovember 16, 2009

Amy, Thank you so very much for yesterday (Essential Oils Blending Workshop – Say Boo to the Flu)- I had so much fun and learned so much. Regards,Carol from Victor, NY
November 15, 2009

Oh, Amy…it was a truly WONDERFUL day! Everyone enjoyed themselves and we learned A LOT (including my husband). Have a great day…and it was so great having you here! Peace…Therese from Rochester, NYNovember 15, 2009

Thanks so much for today. I really enjoyed it and your presentation (Essential Oils Blending Workshop – Say Boo to the Flu) and knowledge. Best regards,
Amy R. from Rochester, NY

November 14, 2009 Last night (Home Green Home presentation) was great!Barbara from Canandaigua, NY
November 14, 2009
Good morning, Amy! I really enjoyed your session (Home Green Home presentation) last night. Thanks.Mary Kay from Canandaigua, NY
November 10, 2009
Many thanks to you again. Thanks Amy! Everyone enjoyed you (Essential Oils Blending Workshop – Say Boo to the Flu)!Kathy from Penn Yan, NY

November 5, 2009
Amy – you are the best!Anne from Ionia, NY
October 19, 2009
Hi Amy, You read my mind. I was going to contact you. The rugs look great! I’m so happy with the Thieves Household cleaner concentrate. Yet another use for it. I’ll use it on anything at this point. I’ve always been happy with the results.Danielle from Henrietta, NY

October 12, 2009

Last week, I began feeling achy and by the time I was driving home I was achy and feverish. I was in bed by 7:30 with a full blown illness. I was unable to get up in the morning to go to work. I called the doctor to get an appointment and slept the rest of the day until my appointment. Feverish, achy and overall, out of it. My 2 pm doctor’s appointment resulted in a diagnosis of the influenza and home I went. Amy Jane offered to make me a special blend which I began applying to chest and feet that night (along with the echinacea tea). I also applied Oregano (essential oil) to my feet. The next day, I was coughing up bloody phlegm so I visited the doctor again. This time, the chest xray revealed pneumonia. I was sent home with a prescription with antibiotics. I continued to use the essential oil blend and Oregano (essential oil) Amy Jane provided! Friday the family had plans to travel to a rustic retreat in Vermont. The doctor, on Tuesday, implied I would most likely not be feeling well enough. However, by Thursday, I was feeling much better. Still a bit tired, but no fever or aches. Our family was able to take our vacation and all the while I continued to use the essential oil blend and Oregano. No one, not even me, believed that on Wed. I had been diagnosed with pneumonia. I felt good. I am sure I would not have had such a speedy recovery without the oils. Thanks Amy!
Hannah from Canandaigua, NY
October 1, 2009
Amy Jane, Wow! I loved the workshop (Home Green Home). I clean homes for a living and thought I was doing a good job of green cleaning for my clients. Now, because of your workshop I can do the best job possible. The print-outs of commonly used cleaners is a real eye-opener. Your workshops are going to help a lot of people feel better. I know that I personally have improved health from using Thieves and white vinegar,and some of my clients have told me – I know Kathy has been here because when I open my door the house smells so good! Thanks so much for helping me to share this info with others.I am a distributor with Young Living and because of this workshop, I will be able to help others understand more potential benefits than I would have without your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!Kathy from Palmyra
September 20, 2009
Dear Amy – Thank you for sharing your wisdom and joy on the subject of aromatherapy, health and eco-living. I think your format is excellent, informative, thorough and fun in a really nice, relaxed and supportive atmosphere. You are an awesome “blend”. 🙂
KC from Naples, NY
September 16, 2009
Amy, Thank you so much for the wonderful evening last night (Essential Oils Blending Workshop – Pain & Inflammation). Thanks again I had a great time last night. Sincerely,Jackie from Naples, NY

September 16, 2009

I have yet another great use for Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate: I dilute Thieves (Household Cleaner) with distilled water and use it to clean my diamond ring. I soak the ring for about 5 minutes, then use one of my old (good way to recycle your used toothbrushes) toothbrushes to gently brush all surfaces of the ring, rinse with plain water, then dry with a soft cloth. It will really sparkle!!!
May from Victor, NY
I love the new Young Living roll-on, “Deep Relief“. I have given a number of them to friends & family who have pain complaints and they say they have good results. My most recent benefit was when I woke up one morning with a terrible stiff neck. I rolled deep relief on the area, then massaged it in a little bit. Literally within 5 minutes i had relief from the pain! I love it!

May from Victor, NY
September 12, 2009

Hi Amy, I feel like the information you have provided is changing our way of life. It’s wonderful. I have been using essential oils exclusively to treat any colds the girls catch, usually Peppermint and Eucalyptus. I diffuse Thieves and Lemon often and believe it is helping to prevent a lot of illness for my family.
Danielle from Henrietta, NYSeptember 5, 2009

Hi Amy Jane – have been meaning to email you for several days. The blend you made up for me has really helped. Bruises usually take weeks to go away on me (low platelets) – and that’s a long time to have one whole half of your face purple. I’d say it’s more than half gone already. Thanks so much :)Ginny from Naples, NY

August 1, 2009I have known Amy Jane for at least 5 years and always find her ready to support friends and clients in natural healing. She is very knowledgeable about essential oils that would be helpful, thorough in asking questions, works from her heart, and is organized. Besides that, her classes are fun, especially when making unique essential oil blends for specific needs.
Jean from Rochester, NYJuly 22, 2009The Face and Body Butter is AWESOME! Thanks again!Emily from Canandaigua, NY

July 19, 2009I love my blends!
Kathy from Penn Yan, NY
July 18, 2009I used the Thieves household cleaner this morning and was very happy with it. Thanks for making it up for me. I am continuing to feel better and still love my oils.Pat from Tarpon Springs, FL
July 15, 2009
It’s been a joy to have you at the Market. I’ve received very positive feedback and hope you have enjoyed your days at the Market.Maria from Geneva Farmers Market, Geneva, NY
July 15, 2009
Hi Amy Jane, I want to tell you that I did sleep better last night and appear to be breathing better. Thanks for yesterday. You are a treasure. And I do hope to see you again. Bisous,Pat from Tarpon Springs, FLJuly 13, 2009
I met you at the yoga retreat in Victor a couple of weeks ago. What a lovely foot soaking experience that was!! Since then I took your advice and mixed some peppermint oil in with my Arnica and I think it is helping my thumbs. (must knit!!)Melanie from Victor, NYJuly 12, 2009

Hi Jane, Thank you for this cream (Face and Body Butter). It does work well on my hands. I think I like it best on my toes where it nicely softens the cuticles. Thanx for making it!!
Elaine from Rochester, NY

July 10, 2009I used Organica Jane’s “I Haven’t Got time for the Pain” essential oil blend. I have arthritis from laying carpet and had pain in my knee for 10 – 12 years. I now do not need my brace and the pain has decreased finally. Thank you.
Richard from Newark, NY
July 7, 2009Here’s a testimonial about the effects the oils had on Pueblo (our dog):

Our black lab Pueblo developed diarrhea and was throwing up a few weeks ago and was also not eating. After a $500 trip to the vet, they gave us a list of possible things she could have and prescribed antibiotics for her. For the next 4 days she took her meds and her condition gradually cleared up and she eventually started eating normally. Well, low and behold the condition returned the other day and so I read in my Essential Oils Desk Reference about how to apply oils to animals and recommended oils for diarrhea. I didn’t have Di-Gize or Thieves but I did have Fennel, Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint (Lavender just for calming purposes). I mixed 1 drop of each with about a teaspoon of olive oil and applied the mixture to the bottoms of her paws. I did this twice the first day and the next day her appetite was back and the diarrhea and vomiting had stopped. If only I had tried that the first time around I’d have $500 to invest in more oils!!! YAY – I love my oils!!!Wendy from Fort Collins, CO
June 27, 2009
U are amazing!!!!!! Thank you so much! Again, Thank you for an incredible experience! Can’t wait to share it with the world! with love, light and gratitude.
Sabrina from Los Angeles, CAJune 19, 2009Hi Amy, thank you for all the tips. You are an amazing resource!Nicki from New York state
June 10, 2009

The Face and Body Butter is fantastic – I have been using it since I purchased from you at Caroline’s – its the best – I never have to use any other lotions and for me that is amazing.
Karen from Clifton Springs, NY

June 7, 2009
I love the results that I’ve had from using Organica Jane’s Body Butter! I live in Colorado and not only am I exposed to a lot of sun, but it’s also stronger because of our elevation. I’ve always had a lot of freckles and now that I’m older they’re looking more like liver spots! After using the Body Butter I’ve noticed the larger spots have decreased in size, plus it’s helping to keep my wrinkles at bay! Now that I’m nearing 40, I’m taking especially good care of my skin. By using a good sunscreen and cleanser along with Amy’s Body Butter, I think I’ll be able to manage turning 40 okay :o)Wendy from Fort Collins, CO
June 6, 2009
I’m using all the oils and suggestions you gave me – and each day is better.Ginny from Naples, NY
June 5, 2009
I am just LOVING cleaning my house with Thieves and making small but meaningful changes around my home!!
Linda from Rochester, NY
May 28, 2009

Hi Amy-Eleanor just loves her blend and shares it with her daddy. Madeline had a friend over yesterday and they washed their face and hands with her soap blend…really cute!! They just thought the world of you too! Thank you so much for your time and expertise!! We all love the inhaler too. I adore my spray!
Linda from Rochester, NYMay 26, 2009
I have used the Peppermnt oil a few times, to heal ailments….with success. Dan has used the inhaler we made and I did make one for my other son, at his request!!! Thank you so much for your time and books!!Jill from Victor
April 30, 2009
Amy Jane, Thank you for the recipe! It has keep me off the pain meds. Thanks again- you are an ANGEL!!Kathleen from New York state
April 28, 2009
That Face and Body Butter is fantastic – I wash with my “special” oil, then put the butter on!!! WOW I don’t need anything else – this is the best!!Karen from Clifton Springs

April 28, 2009
I think the workshop was eye-opening and since that time I have changed most of my cleaning products. I previously was using Thieves household cleaner regularly as well as the Lemon essential oil/vinegar mixture for windows, but the most important change is eliminating Scrubbing Bubbles and Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner. I now use baking soda (or Borax) and Thieves. Scrubbing Bubbles makes my husband sick so he never could help clean the bathroom and now he can. Hurray!!!
Jill from Victor, NY

Dear Amy–Your class was inspiring and eye-opening to say the least. You have done the research for us and provided many facts that have been actually hidden from consumers about the products we use on a daily basis. We know about getting things in eyes or ingesting obviously poisonous substances. But who knew that just having a bottle of something would allow the toxins in that product to permeate the atmosphere in our homes just by sitting there on a shelf? And who knew that these breathed-in toxins find a place to lurk in our very own fat cells? It’s maddening to realize that companies are not required to label every single item in their products, so there are ingredients that we are not aware of. And we often don’t even pay attention or realize the danger of the substances that ARE on the label because we have bought into the beautiful presentation of some products as being “natural” or “green” and therefore safe. So many ingredients that ARE mentioned can be just as dangerous to our health as the ones that have been covered up! And you taught us not to believe everything we see as truly safe just because it is advertised as such. I was shocked to find that good old-fashioned Ajax cleanser has ingredients that are proven to cause respiratory distress, allergies, lymphoma (blood cancer) and malignant tumors! And my favorite laundry detergent (that I don’t buy as often since it is so expensive now) –TIDE–has ingredients that cause asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, liver damage, and even depression!

I have gone through the house and removed many bottles that have been on my shelves for years just in case I need them. NOt to mention that I have continually replaced the ones near the front. My cupboards suddenly have more room and I am so excited that I am doing something good for my home. I am thrilled knowing that Thieves (that smells so heavenly) is actually disinfecting my countertops better than bleach. It’s hard to let go of the Tilex, but I tried the vinegar and salt/lemon on my bathtub–and it works!

I look forward to the next process of diffusing oils into the environment knowing that all molds and even their dead spores will be eliminated. I have been very interested in the idea of mold presences as causing allergies and other illnesses. I know that remediation teams go into buildings (particularly those built more airtight in the 1980s) and use harsh chemicals to rid the building of its “sick building syndrome” –but I did not realize that within weeks, those molds reinfest with a vengeance. It was so interesting, enlightening, — and yes, inspiring of hope– to know that the use of essential oils for only three days in the atmosphere of one of these “sick” environments cleared the area of all molds and spores and that when tested several weeks later, there was no evidence of regrowth. This is amazing! I can’t wait to get started in my own home!

Thanks for your clarion call to our overly-advertised world to simplify and get back to basics and a more natural way. Your contribution to our education can improve the quality of our lives if we apply what you have taught us, and I’m sure you are actually saving lives. As people living in a modern society, let us not think ourselves so wise as to be foolish. Let’s take care of what God has given to us…I have many changes to make…but I am excited and inspired!
Thanks Organica Jane!Valerie from Farmington, New York

April 28, 2009
Home Green Home Workshop was an eye-opening lesson. A lot of good information that I will be implementing in my home. I have purchased Borax and my vinegar. I have already told a few members of my family and given them a solution of Thieves to use in their home. Thank you so much for all of the information.
Karen from Clifton Springs, NYApril 21, 2009

The girls and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the essential oil that you mixed for me. We rub it on our feet every night and it has helped in a few stressful situations. Take care,
Linda from Rochester

March 10, 2009I used the oils faithfully on vacation. They helped on the plane and seemed to keep any germs away during the week. In fact, I am using the Thieves spray today as I feel a sore throat coming on.Bonnie from Canandaigua, NY
February 15, 2009
Amy Jane, I met you last Saturday at Rio Tomatlan and bought the Thieves Household Cleaner. I have to admit that I bought it to be nice and was very skeptical. Well, we love it and would like to purchase the concentrate! Merci et a bientot,Paul from Canandaigua

January 15, 2009

Thank you so much! I can’t believe what a difference it made. I threw 2 bowls and some mugs last night and usually when I wedge the clay (like kneading bread) my hands and wrists ache. No aches and great control! I told everyone at class about you and took in some of your cards, and I told everyone that the website was a great resource and hopefully they will check it out.
Patty from Fairport, NY

January 6, 2009
Amy has boundless passion for teaching people about therapeutic-grade essential oils. She has truly found her calling in teaching people how to make lifestyle changes, and it shows in the workshops and classes she offers. For anyone interested in living a healthier life (and willing to make the changes necessary for that life), I strongly recommend contacting Amy. You’ll be glad you did!
Rob from Canandaigua, NY

January 6, 2009

I love the Face and Body Butter! I am using it every day. Love,
Kathryn from Sodus, NYDecember 19, 2008I love the oils! There was something always missing in my life until I found these oils. What a wonderful olfactory experience with deep psychological benefits. By the way, I love the Mountain Mint and Meadow Mist deodorants! I have searched high and low for something natural like this. I used to get these horrible rashes from commercial deodorants. I have literally tried everything even in the health food stores. They all gave me this red, itchy rash. I even tried the organic deodorants and I would get a red rash also. I will be using Mountain Mint and Meadow Mist forever!
Greg from Fort Collins, CO
I love you and your new products! I tried them all. I especially love bath salts when I was aching all over. The new Raindrop in a Bottle. I have that rubbed up my spine everynight. Keep up the good work.
Jill from Clyde, NY 

Amy – Thank you so much for continuing to educate me every day. I am fast becoming a firm believer in the power of (Essential) oils. Bob and I have both had colds (congestion, sore throat, cough) for the past week and I have been managing the symptoms with NinXgia Red, RC, Thieves and your wonderful Respiratory blend that you made for me. My favorite is Thieves, honey and hot water, which we sip before bed. Mia is also becoming quite the oil queen. She requested the honey and hot water with Lemon oil, her favorite, and it is quite tasty too.
Janet from Baldwinsville, NY

Hi Amy, I just wanted to send you a quick email as a follow up to the use of the lotion. In the past couple weeks I have noticed a slight softening of my leg, meaning the fluid is moving more (a good thing!). Along with the use of the lotion, I have cut out all artificial sweetners and limited myself to 2 cups of coffee a week. Thank you!
Rachelle from New York City

October 29, 2008
I’ve had excellent results with my oil, I would say my symptoms are 90% relieved. I love the smell of it! I go to sleep smelling my hands after I’ve applied it. I named it “Good Evening” and that’s a great name; it has meant lots of good evenings for me without the “rushy” feelings I used to have. I’ve almost convinced my friend to use a less toxic cleaning solution on the floor of the kennel. I now use a cup of white distilled vinegar, a cup of hydrogen peroxide, 5 drops Lemon essential oil, 5 drops Lavender essential oil, in 4 gallons of water.
Odette from Fabius, NY

October 9, 2008I had such a fun time and also learned more. Thanks so much for doing this for us. Good day to you,
Anne from Bloomfield, NY

October 8, 2008Thanks, Amy! Love the products!
Abby from Rochester, NY

September 24, 2008
I have a lot of muscle pain and Amy put together a muscle blend for me. The muscle blend did help relax my muscles but not at the level I had hoped for. Without me even asking she put together a new formula and gave it to me free of charge. The new formula worked better with my muscles and it meant a lot that she was truly concerned and followed up with me.

I also attended a “Say no to Botox” class which Amy taught. It was extremely informative, and we had the pleasure of creating our own unique essential oils lotion. I have since asked Amy to make me a new batch of the lotion. It smells amazing and has helped improve the condition of my skin. I know that whatever I purchase from her will be made from the highest quality ingredients and will be chemical-free. It is a great feeling to know that you are using products on your body that came from nature and not a laboratory.
Adrianna from Rochester, NY

August 28, 2008
Amy – I have replaced my Windex with your lemon oil recipe and I love it. I am using it all over the house, countertops, sinks, bathroom – yeah!!. Mia loves to help me clean and now I can feel good about her helping me and not worry that she is breathing in harsh chemicals. She practically cleaned the whole bathroom for me the other day. Thanks and please keep sending your wealth of information. I love it. Talk to you soon.
Janet from Baldwinsville, NY

July 30, 2008
your website is awesome!!! thank you for all you do,Amy. You’re great!!!
Jackie from Castle Rock, COJuly 14, 2008
Amy, Before I was using Young Living Essential oils, I was taking two Celebrex 200mg. tablets a day for my arthritis. That was three or four years ago. I used Peppermint essential oil, neat, on the joints in my hands, hip and ankle two times a day for about six months. Thieves essential oil blend on my feet helped the process also. Now, I use the Peppermint essential oil when i feel a flare up coming, but now every day. I no longer take Celebrex or any other pain pills. I am forever grateful for that class I took at the high school many years ago. Panaway essential oil blend seems to work better on muscle pain, for me, each persons body reacts differently.
Fay from Canandaigua, NY

April 29, 2008
Amy: I just wanted to to write you to say thank you for your class ! I also appreciate very much the infomation that you have sent on about the salve/balm ingredients, hair “tonic” and etc. I really loved your class and I plan to see you at the May 22nd class at the Retreat House for you next one. The blend that I made in class: My husband and kids love the smell. My husband and daughter say that it smells like jellybeans to them. My son says that it reminds him of bubble gum. I have been using this salve on my husband and he says that it has been helping! My daughter on Sunday accidently kicked her foot into a solid wood rocking chair while at a friend’s house. She told me that she was just swinging her foot back and forth and hit it. It looks like she has bruised the end of her 4th toe pretty badly and she was in pain. She asked me to put the salve on her toe (which I have done every day since and she covers her foot with a sock) and she is able to sleep. She says that the pain goes away when I put the salve on it. The salve gets alot of use in my house ! Thanks again for having this informative class and I will tell you that the salve smell has grown on me. I am quite pleased! Have a great day!
Lori from Rochester, NY

February 25, 2008
Hey Amy…
I just wanted to pass along some experiences I’ve had recently with Young Living’s essential oils. Feel free to pass them on.

Firstly, we have been doing some work to our house; we had the ceiling in 1 room painted, and then, we had our entire bedroom painted. The room that just had the ceiling painted smelled like paint for days; we couldn’t even go in the room and kept the door closed. It’s been probably a week and a half, and I can still faintly smell it. It was making us sick and I thought I had heard to mix essential oils with paint to cut the toxic odor. I found a recipe on-line and before the handyman started painting our room, I had him add 1/3 of a bottle of Orange essential oil to the paint. He painted the ceiling and by the next morning, there was no paint smell! I had him add it to the rest of the paint and we were back in our room in no time!

Secondly, I have this sweet little enamel-ware pan that I used to bake some fish in the other night. I sprayed some Pure Spray on it to keep the fish from sticking, but when I tried to clean it, I had a really hard time getting the pan fully clean and an SOS pad just scratched it up. So, I decided I would try soaking it in a little Thieves Household Cleaner. After maybe 15-30 minutes in a sink with warm water and ~1/4 c. of Thieves Household Cleaner, the pan cleaned up easily and all of the stuck-on grease came off. It saved my pan and I was really excited to see the oils/Young Living products in action! I love it!
Mindy from Williamson, NYJanuary 11, 2008
You did a great job! It is a breath of fresh air to here someone present the way you did it and I mean that. Not everyone including myself would of thought of that.
Jill from Clyde, NY

January 7, 2008
Hi Amy,
Just wanted to say again….YOU are AWESOME! So inspiring. I am referring to you as “The expert on Chemicals in our Environment.” I feel so empowered to be able to say to people, “No more _____” The kids are even going to tell the grandparents no more artificially colored beverages. I swear that it always sends Thomas into a tail spin & you confirmed it for me. Thank you for all the time, energy & effort you put forth in making that presentation so compelling and fun for everyone. Everyone commented on how awesome of a meeting it was! It was your presentation that did it! You are truly a treasure, Amy. How blessed we are to have someone with such passion & caring in our lives! Love you,
Amy from Romulus, NY

January, 2008
Hi Amy, Happy New Year! I’m slowly making changes. I use essential oil cleansers almost exclusively now at home. I’m also diffusing oils regularly at home and love how fresh and clean my house smells when I walk in! Fondly,
Jean from Geneva, NYDecember 2007
Hi Amy,
I have really enjoyed using essential oils for so many things this past year as well as learning about their individual uses. That is knowledge I am proud to have. I’ve used the oils for everything from cleaning, to skin care, to my dog’s skin problems, to cold relief for my husband, mother, and grandfather (as well as passing along NingXia Red and Thieves hard lozenges), for use in bath salts, body scrubs, and deodorants that I made myself (with your recipes), for weight loss & detox (Grapefruit essential oil in water w/a little agave), and to help with sleep and with my general well-being. It’s so much fun; thanks for helping to make essential oils so approachable as well as educational! Essential oils are a part of my every day life and I am glad I think to use them before anything else, especially synthetics and chemicals.
Mindy from Williamson

October 18, 2007Hey Aim, I’ve been breaking out a lot lately. Anyway, I’ve been using the Young Living serum for acne (blend a few drops of the serum with the Young Living ART lotion) and it has been working great! Thought I’d pass that info along in case you know anyone who is looking for a good skin product for acne.
Wendy from Fort Collins, COAugust 23, 2007
You are the best. There are not enough people in the world that grab for the gusto, but you Amy Jane are one of those fabulous people. I Love you.
Bonita from Skaneateles, NY

June 29, 2007
I treated myself to a facial scrub & mask this morning. it was great!! I have to say my skin has a very nice glow! try it!

1 Tbs amazing grains
2 Tbs plain yogurt
2 drops sandalwood essential oil2 drops rose essential oil

make a smooth paste, apply to face and gently rub over face, neck & shoulders (avoid eyes, of course). I was planning to leave on for only 10 min, but I was reading the lavender route guide and it ended up being 20 min!!! splash water on face, neck & shoulders to rinse off. apply YL toner & day moisturizer. very nice!!
May from Victor, NY

June 26, 2006
The Peppermint essential oil sure worked well. That is the fastest I have every gotten over a sinus headache. On the way home, pressure started to build again so I used it once more. I seemed to be alright after that. Thank you for the suggestion and going home to get it.
Michael from Denver, CO

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  1. Amy, thank you for your St John's Salve! i burned my finger on the rim of a frying pan and tried a bit of lavender which helped a bit, but then i used your St John's Salve and the pain vanished within minutes! thank you! thank you!!! May from Victor, NY

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