Essential Oil Blending Workshops

During these fun and hands-on workshops, I will teach you how to blend essential oils safely for use with infants, children, during pregnancy and for acute situations, infection and pain.

Outline – Essential Oil Blending Workshop

I. What are essential oils 
II. What are carrier oils
III. Essential oil history

IV. How do essential oils work

V. Quality 
VI. Storage 
VII. Safety 
VIII. Essential oil drop-by-drop blending guidelines
IX. Resources
We will also discover which essential oils are beneficial for a variety of health needs:
  • Colds & Flu
  • Pain & Inflammation 
  • Skin Care
  • Emotional Support

Recent Feedback

“Thank you Amy for coming.  I LOVED your class.  Using oils is great, but you’re missing out if you’re not buying the proper oils and mixing them correctly.  Great instruction, very, very knowledgeable.  Thank you for sharing your passion.” 
“I love the way Amy engaged everyone during our oils blending workshop; she’s so knowledgeable and patient. The information and materials she provided about essential oils was super and it helped everyone in the class create their own perfect wellness blend.”
“I had a wonderful time at your workshop, and it was quite informative! I appreciated all the handouts, and it really peaked more interest for me in aromatherapy. I tried my potion on my son, rubbing his feet, and he loved it, he didn’t want me to stop.  Thanks again for a lovely time.”
“I thought that it was a great class. Very informative and a great overview of different uses of oils and applications. I would happily take another class from you.”
To schedule an Essential Oil Blending Workshop, please email me at or call 585-261-2648.  
Thank you.